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Did you know that sitting at a desk can increase your death risk by up to 50%?

According to research from the University of Sydney, office workers who sit at a desk for 8 to 10 hours a day have a 48% higher risk of death than people who sit 4 hours or less. A prolonged sitting position can create back, neck and shoulder problems.

Mental Health benefits more from meditation and yoga than vacations.

Researchers in the Netherlands found out through an experiment that meditating on a regular basis provided more mental health benefits than vacations. They divided 91 volunteers into three groups. One group who meditated regularly, one group who had never meditated and a third group who would let go of meditation in favor of a week vacation.

The study showed that, while all participants showed lower stress levels and mood improvements, the participants who kept meditating showed positive results 10 months later while the vacationers returned to their “normal” state.

Ever heard of the “text-neck”?

When looking at your phone or computer at a 60-degree angle, the neck supports the equivalent of 27kg. Even though the skull weighs approximately 5kg, at this angle, the neck has to support 5 times its designed capacity causing a strain on the cervical spine leading to neck, shoulders and back injuries.

In the past, many companies focused solely on the bottom line and did not prioritize the health and well-being of their employees. However, with growing awareness about the benefits of a healthy workforce, more and more companies are implementing wellness programs and initiatives.

Today, health at work has evolved to include a wide range of programs and services designed to support employees’ physical and mental health. 

At Atlas Fitness, we believe that health at work is essential to the success of both employees and employers. Research has shown that investing in employees’ health and wellness can lead to significant benefits for both employees and employers, including increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and healthcare costs, and improved employee retention. Creating a healthy workplace can lead to a happier and more productive workforce. Employees who are healthy are more likely to have higher levels of energy, better concentration, and greater job satisfaction. 

How We Can Help!

Atlas Fitness offers enterprise-level solutions to companies seeking to promote a culture of health and wellness among their employees. Our platform offers a comprehensive range of online fitness services that can be customised to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Our enterprise solutions include personalised training and nutrition plans, access to a wide range of workout programs and classes. Our platform is designed to be user-friendly and accessible from any device, making it easy for employees to stay active and engaged in their fitness journey, whether they’re working from home or in the office.

Our team of certified trainers and nutritionists will work closely with your organization to design and implement a customised program that meets your specific needs and goals.

A healthy workforce is a productive workforce.

Atlas Fitness is committed to helping businesses create a culture of health and wellness in the workplace so contact us today to learn more about how we can help your organization promote health and well-being among your employees.

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